Connector Dependency in Shared Repo


Is it possible to cache connectors’ or at least cache up-to a current transforms’ data-step? – Without having to confirm the connector itself?

We typically use a shared repo within a corporate network, but with working on- and off-line frequently (and/or file share issues), we more than often get the spinning-wheel-of-([death], [boredom], [frustration], etc… - choose your own adventure…).

For example, I can have an EM package opened and with data loaded from a database (from a shared repo connector), up to a various transform (such as about to execute “Export to Database”) - I was on-line at this time.

Data is shown in all various fields - on-line and off-line. However, when I get home and are off-line, and try to add a simple (for example) “Sort” transform, it appears to “need” to confirm connection to the shared repo - which it cant, because I’m off-line.

What I’m asking is, why is there a dependency to confirm the connectors for small-scale “internal” data transforms, and can this please be changed?

Hi Aaron,

just to understand better your case, is the shared repo connector a file on a shared network folder, or it’s a Server-hosted repository?

In other words, in the Connector Manager where is the radio selector - “File repository” or “Server space”?


Hi dgudkov,

Perhaps I/we have been misled on how to properly configure this?

It’s currently set as a file repository, with a UNC link to the repo on the EM Server folder space.

When I select “Server Link” I get the following error:


This option allows obtaining connectors of a space of EasyMorph Server right in Desktop. To make it work:

  1. Make sure necessary connectors are present in the space repository
  2. On EasyMorph Server in space settings enable sharing space connectors with Desktops. You may need to ask your Server admins to enable it. More details on it in the EasyMorph Server Admin Guide.
  3. Link your Desktop to EasyMorph Server by configuring the Server Link as described here: Server Link explained
  4. Switch to using the Server space connector in your Desktop’s Connector Manager (as in the screenshot above)