Connection to OUTLOOK refused

My company has set up a MFA on each log in session.
Before this MFA set up, I was used to use EASYMORPH to send email by outlook from my outlook account and colleage outlook account also.
Now, with the MFA, I can’t used my easymorph log in to send email from my outlook account or colleage outlook.
I receive an error message, please see enclosed

Can you tell me if it’s still possible to send email through EASYMORPH with the MFA
I really need it.

Hello @Stephane,

You can try creating an app password (or ask your company’s IT department to create one).

Also, is it possible that your company actually uses Exchange Online service? If so, you may try to use the Microsoft Exchange Online connector with the OAuth authentication instead of the current one.

It works with the Microsoft Exchange Online connector with the OAuth authentication.
But, it’s complex.
I have to do it with an administrator from the IT department.
He has created a log in for himself which authorise EASYMORPH to connect with our ressources.
then, I created a log in for myself and colleague OUTLOOK account.

when you created your own log in after your administrator created his own.
You have to deconnecte your administrator on the microsoft pop up
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