Connection to a specific database


I try to establish a connection with MS Azure. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the master database. So, I am getting an error message. I have rights to get connected to the specific database “iPlatba.Database.Production01”.

Unfortunately, the field where one can put it is frozen.

Any ideas where to put it (database name) to make it work?


Hi Milan,

did you try pressing “Get databases” button (the one below Password on your screenshot) ? It should populate the list of databases so that you can pick the database you need from the list.

Yeah I have tried. It returns an error saying I have no rights for the master database which is a correct statement because I only have an access to that database I mentioned. But I cannot specify it before clicking that button.

Just thinking if I can somehow put the database name into the server or username. Unfortunately, don’t know the syntax.

Hi Milan,

SQL Server connector can’t be saved without a database name.

Is it possible for you to create an ODBC DSN for the target database and use ODBC connector?

Milan, we are planning to fix this issue in the next few days.

In case this issue is urgent I can tell you how to modify your project in a text editor in order to make it work with a required database.


get the updated version ( from the web-site:

Now the combo-box for selecting a database is editable. You can type in the database name you need, even without pressing “Get databases”.


Hi, that’s perfect. Thank you very much for such a quick help. Really appreciate it. Well done! Thanks again, Milan

You’re welcome!