Connection Manager - Hanging

I have been using EM 3.6.x (and previous versions) and have never had any issues.

Recently I have found that the Connection Manger causes the app to hang. No errors, just totally unresponsive (and not even the Windows ‘Not Responding’ error in the title bar … just nothing).

If I use a project that has an already configured connection then everything is OK.

However if I want to edit / create a Connection then I cannot.

Has anyone seen anything similar and, if so, got any suggestions?

I have also downloaded the latest version (4.0.1) and I get exactly the same issue



Hi David,

Please open the Diagnostic information popup from the About toolbar and send the content of the first tab to our support email.

Also please make the Connector manager hang up again and the go to the Windows events viewer and check if it contains some EasyMorph-related errors.


Full uninstall and reinstall required

Thanks to Andrew R for his help