Connecting to Object Storage that are AWS S3 compatible [DONE]


I have been using the Amazon S3-connector in Easymorph for a while, and I am very pleased with how that works.

I’m also using AWS S3 Compatible object-storage services from other companies, and wonder if there is a possibility to connect to them with Easymorph. The only difference that I see from a user perspective is that I must add a spesific “S3 Base URL” (example - in addition to the normal “Access key ID” and “Secret access key”

More info on the configuration example can be found here : S3 Connection Settings | Contabo Product Documentation

I wonder if it is possible today to connect to this kind of service - or if there are any plans to enable this in the future.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Knut and welcome to the Community!

Connecting to an S3-compatible non-AWS storage isn’t possible at this point. Currently, there are no plans to introduce such support. I’ve moved your post to the #feature-requests category. If more people support it, we will react.

S3-compatible file storage services are supported starting from version 5.5.

Thank you for responding to this suggestion.
I’m really looking forward to use this functionality in version 5.5.

Knut P