Connect to shared repository on VPN (Server Error 401)

Conditions to reproduce the problem:
Laptop Azure AD joined
Windows Hello enabled

VPN PPP (configured directly on windows) enabled

If user uses the windows hello login method Easymorph does not recognize the user and it’s not able to pass credentials to server in order to access repositories.

If user uses the password login to access profile, easymorph works normally.

Below a screenshot in Italian language:
Remote server error: (401) Not authorized

The system cannot contact a domain controller to service the authentication request. Retry later.


Do you have any advice to where we have to check in order to troubleshoot this kind of error?

When the user uses the Hello login, does EasyMorph show the same Windows identity (account) in the blue sidebar as when the user logs in using login and password?

Also, is the EasyMorph signature the same in both cases?

The client can retrieve the right license, but it cannot list the shared connectors.

Hi Johnny,

Can you please provide answers to the questions in my previous post?

Windows identity is the same.
Where I can check the signature? inside the window “Setup license”?

Yes. It’s there.

It’s the same, I can confirm.