Connect to S3 data

Hi team,

I’m wondering if EasyMorph can connect to S3 tables/data directly? is Amazon Command the right action to do it?

Thank you

Hi Christina,

To my knowledge, AWS S3 is a file storage and it has no concept of tables. What do you mean by connecting to S3 tables/data directly?


I’d like to run load the data from S3 to Easymorph, so that I can do some analysis in Easymorph.


In this case, yes, you should use the “Amazon command” action. It requires a configured Amazon S3 connector in EasyMorph. You can configure the connector in the Connector Manager.

Note that in version 5 we will support Amazon Athena - an SQL-based service that allows querying CSV files stored in S3 using the visual Query Builder in EasyMorph or any other SQL-compatible tool.

Thank you, that helps!