Configure Command-Line Worker

Today i will download, install Command-Line Worker and apply license.
In config tool MorphCmd Config i select repository C:\ProgramData\EasyMorph\Command Line Worker\vault.sqlite

but when i want run my project i get error:
C:\Program Files (x86)\EasyMorph Command Line Worker>.\morph-cmd.exe C:\Users\polyakov\Documents\testproj\testproj_main.morph /param:Filename=SHOPDIC.qvd /param:Customer=Customer1 /param:Method=Access
EasyMorph Command Line Worker v4.9.9.0
Project execution ended with error: Could not read data connectors from a repository: Произошла одна или несколько ошибок. SQL logic error no such table: Settings

Hello @Ihor_Polyakov !

It looks like you have picked the wrong file as your data connector repository. You should select repository that was used during project creation in the main Desktop application. You can find actual repository path by clicking ‘add/edit connectors’ button in main window:

Note that you must have access to this repository file in order for morph-cmd to work (this should be the case if you run morph-cmd and main Desktop app under the same user account).

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