Conditional logic and/or Renaming based on a prefix appearing in multiple Import File Name

Is there a way to process and bulk rename a set of files based on a prefix appearing in their names such as


to have the same multiple actions perform against each, have a new calculated column added where it derives the values based on the MM-YYYY prefix value from each file. (my options would be to keep the MM-YYYY value "as-is" for each record in each file or replace this value which I have done individually on column values before via multiple If conditions). Unfortunately, the Calculate new column option doesn't seem to show a way to interact with what the source file name is, only the columns names.

Does any option exist using a function or via using regex?

There are two ways how to work with multiple files in EasyMorph:

  1. Use the multiple file load modes - used for loading multiple files at once, the file name is appended as a column so it can be used in expressions
  2. Use iterations - in this case, files are processed one by one in a loop, the file name is available via a parameter and can be used in expressions too

In any of these cases, you start with generating a list of files to load using the "List of files" action.

To load a list of files, see this tutorial article (scroll to Advanced topics): EasyMorph | Loading one or many files

Iterations is a more complex, but more powerful mechanism. To load a list of files using iterations, see this tutorial article on iterations: EasyMorph | Loops and iterations