Conditional execution

How could I link the execution of an easymorph’s action to the value of a parameter?
I would like to choose the output format (excel or JSON) 0n the basis of a parameter.

Hello Francesco and welcome to the Community!

See this tutorial article on conditional branching in EasyMorph: EasyMorph | Conditional workflows

Skip actions is based on the value of some column inside a specific table, isn’t it?
Can you give me an example about how to use it in order to constrain execution to a parameter?


Use action “Parameter table”. I use it to manage one morph to send email with several options.

You can use conditions with parameters as well.

The uploaded file contains my example of conditional execution based on a parameter:
a) is it correctly applied?
b) could I avoid deriving table2 and table?


conditional_workflow.morph (4.9 KB)

Yes, it is.

No, that’s the point of conditional execution - your workflow should have two branches of which only one is executed depending on condition.

Your project could be simplified by using conditionally derived tables (described in the tutorial article by the link I provided earlier). See a simplified version below.
conditional_workflow.morph (4.8 KB)

Thank you!

You’re welcome!