Condition to call another project or module

I`m testing easymorph and i want to create project with conditions.
In the input i have multiple files and i needed to export result using connector in the one of the transfered parameters. Exported files must be one of dbf, exel, ms access.
To do this, if I use conditions (if / then / else), I will run an action that matches the condition.
But I haven’t found anywhere an action that would allow performing some steps by matching a condition.
When I call the project, I would like to pass it a parameter, for example, the connection type, and the project exported the data by condition, skipping unnecessary steps.
Could you help me with advice on how you can skip some of the executable steps in a project conditionally or call another module or project conditionally?

Hi Ihor and welcome to the Community!

Check out this tutorial article: EasyMorph | Conditional workflows.

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Thanks for your time and fast answer!
Thanks for your time and quick response! Not exactly what I wanted, but also as an option for making a choice.
If it does not bother you, can you still tell me how to call the launch of the project from the console and pass parameters to it? Because I tried to call with the command
Morph.exe / c C: \ Users \ polyakov \ Documents \ testproj \ testproj_main.morph and received an error that the parameter is no longer supported. How can you call the execution of the project and pass it a non-static parameter?

In version 5, the ability to run workflows from the command line has been deprecated in EasyMorph Desktop. Instead, a purpose-built utility called Command-Line Worker should be used for that.

You can download the utility here: EasyMorph | All downloads

To request a trial license, send to the installation signature obtained as described here: How to get the product signature | EasyMorph

The command-line syntax of CLW is described in this help article: command_line [EasyMorph Help]

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Many thanks for the help!
I downloaded Command-Line Worker and requested a test license for Command-Line Worker.
I think this will help me solve the problem.