Concatenate to date

Hello everyone,
I am a Easymorph novice with a question : for each different hospitalisation(part) of a patient , we have 5 different colums with year, month, day, hour and min for admission ans also for transfer, we would like to concatenate this 5 columns to 1 date and create a chronological order.
Can you help us with that please ?
Kind regards.


Createnew column with function.


Enter column name and use button to open function editor.

Several functions with help are present. Look at help, how-to and forum. You should find the rest of the answer.

Hi Andreas and welcome to the Community!

You can construct a text date from numbers using the text concatenation operator. Then, if necessary, parse it with the date() function to make it a number date.

See the example below.
compose-date.morph (4.5 KB)

To learn more about dates and expressions in EasyMorph see this tutorial article: EasyMorph | Expressions