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Column Renames - Prefix / Suffix


Hello! Anybody know of an easy way to prefix column names or add a suffix? I realize that you can take the “Spreadsheet Metadata” tool to export the column names, then add the prefix, then use “Rename Columns with Lookup” tool - however - this can be a hassle.



Hello @vizandy,

“Table Metadata” + “Rename Columns with Lookup” is the supposed way to uniformly modify column names.


Unfortunately this seems to only work with an input file. So I would have to export a portion of my table to a local spreadsheet, then import it using the “Spreadsheet Metadata” transformation, then use that with the “Rename Columns with Lookup” transformation. Unless I missed something here, that is definitely not an efficient process.


It works on any table that is already loaded into EasyMorph, no matter if it comes from a spreadsheet, a database, or somewhere else. Just apply the “Table Metadata” transformation to obtain a list of column names. Calculate new names. Then use “Rename Columns with Lookup” to replace old names with new names.

rename.morph (3.2 KB)


Hmmmmm… That screenshot looks good but it seems I dont have that transformation with my version. Looks like your on 3.6 and I am 3.7. Did it get removed?


The “Table metadata” transformation was added in 3.7.1. You may need to update from 3.7 to 3.7.1.


Thanks! I checked that and I think the “Check for Updates” within the application doesnt work. But downloaded from website. Thanks for sharing the workflow!