Column Renames - Prefix / Suffix

Hello! Anybody know of an easy way to prefix column names or add a suffix? I realize that you can take the “Spreadsheet Metadata” tool to export the column names, then add the prefix, then use “Rename Columns with Lookup” tool - however - this can be a hassle.


Hello @vizandy,

“Table Metadata” + “Rename Columns with Lookup” is the supposed way to uniformly modify column names.

Unfortunately this seems to only work with an input file. So I would have to export a portion of my table to a local spreadsheet, then import it using the “Spreadsheet Metadata” transformation, then use that with the “Rename Columns with Lookup” transformation. Unless I missed something here, that is definitely not an efficient process.

It works on any table that is already loaded into EasyMorph, no matter if it comes from a spreadsheet, a database, or somewhere else. Just apply the “Table Metadata” transformation to obtain a list of column names. Calculate new names. Then use “Rename Columns with Lookup” to replace old names with new names.

rename.morph (3.2 KB)

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Hmmmmm… That screenshot looks good but it seems I dont have that transformation with my version. Looks like your on 3.6 and I am 3.7. Did it get removed?

The “Table metadata” transformation was added in 3.7.1. You may need to update from 3.7 to 3.7.1.

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Thanks! I checked that and I think the “Check for Updates” within the application doesnt work. But downloaded from website. Thanks for sharing the workflow!