Column not found in the input table

Hi Team,
We are using easyMorph for the transformation, I am seeing attached error still we do have [invoice date] column and values in the input table. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this error.


Press the “Open module” button in the 1st error message. It should open the failed module and assign its parameters with the values that caused the error (they are listed in the error message). This should help you to find the cause of the problem.

Seeing same type of error after following your suggested steps. Just want to understand is that data problem? if so what exactly the problem is?

Yes, the problem is with your data and calculation logic. It's not a bug in EasyMorph.

How can I know without seeing your data and your workflow and being able to reproduce the error? :slight_smile: All I see is that in some iteration your data misses a column.

The data that I am working on is bit confidential. Shall we have call setup and discuss in detail?

It doesn't seem like you followed the suggested steps. You should only run module "3." (not module "1.") because that's where the error occurs. The parameters of module "3." should be assigned with values that cause errors (they can be seen in the error message you posted). Can you do this and post a screenshot of the errors?

In other words, you should reproduce the execution of module "3." when the error occurred. Then you will be able to see the actual data in that module and understand why the column is missing.

After overriding default paramters, I have ran only module 3 this time (right clicked on step that caused error and hit on run action). Below is the error message. Let me know if I did anything wrong.

Note - I am new to Easymorph. A quick call would help us to solve problem easily.

Excellent! You're one step away from resolving the problem. Now you can walk back from the point of error in your workflow and see where the necessary column disappeared. Select each previous action until you find the missing column. It could be that the column was missing in the initial imported dataset. So make sure you walk all the way back to the start of the workflow.

The error appears not because of a bug in EasyMorph, but because your workflow works incorrectly with your data. We don't provide technical support or fix wrong workflows by phone. My recommendations in this topic should be sufficient to resolve the issue.

If you're new to EasyMorph, I highly recommend going through our tutorial first: EasyMorph | Learn how to transform data. Since your workflow uses parameters and iterations, you should have a good understanding of how they are used in EasyMorph. The tutorial will help you with that.


Just wanted to highlight that easyMoprh is very sensitive in cases and very picky on types when it comes to field. Please check if field name matches exactly (case sensitive).