Column field mappings in realase 4.0?

Will the major relase 4.0 also contain a feature to generate a mapping file between source and target columns ? I have seen that there will be lineage for each column but will it be possible to export this also for alle columns of all subprojects ?

Can we achieve this in some way in the current version of EasyMorph ?

No, it will not.

No, it won’t be possible. At some point we will add the original column name to column metadata generated by the Metadata action. But not until we iron out the lineage which may take a few more releases.

The current version of EasyMorph (3.9.5) doesn’t provide lineage information.

Isn’t there a way to get the source to target mappings from the documentation files ?

No, there isn’t. I’m curious what made you think it exists?

I thought about converting the HTML to XML and then extract the necessary information from the XML?

Hi Dmitry,

Are there already plans to extend the meta data action with the capability to generate a full column mapping through the ETL-flow ?

For example: field A comes from database table db_table, A is then renamed in easymorph to B, it is dan added to C and renamed to D ?

For us this would be realy nice to have. Today, we draw up an excel with column mappings between the different layers in our datawarehouse which costs us a lot of time.

I know we have this information when we click on lineage but it would be nice if we could export it somehow for all field in the dataset.

Thanks !

We will have second phase of metadata lineage development after we introduce a data catalog. After that phase it will be possible to do throughout lineage tracking (not possible at this point).