Column comparison between 2 tables


Is there anything in easymorph to compare 2 tables column by column in Easymorph, in an easy way, whatever the tables ? I mean in another way than creating a lot of actions to do that ?

I see that in the you can use the table metadata in zoom mode that gives you number of distinct values, or min length and max length. A great tool to spot obvious differences, but I was wondering if there was anything else about it ?

Sometimes “deduplicate” can help you.

To compare the complete data set where the tables have the same format - Keep/removing matching
Otherwise I use unpivot, merge ect. (± 5 actions) to compare 2 tables

I was looking for something more “straigthforward” (one-click). Keep/remove matching is a good idea but you have to choose manually all the columns right ? Or try to generate the XML content. It may be a nice feature to be able to compare 2 tables in one click but I dont think it exists today.

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