Collapsing multiple rows into one

I have a dataset which has values (characters and numbers) across multiple rows for the same customer. I am trying to collapse the data to be bring all the values from the different columns and rows into a single row. Don’t know if I can do that by group as some of the values are character flags. I just need to create single record from multiple rows with different vaues in different columns.

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Can you provide an example how multiple rows should be collapsed into 1 rows? Please include “character flags” into the example, for clarity.

The process that pulls is running now and it will run for the next 2 hours so here is an example of what I am doing - not exact

The yellow is what I currently have. the green is how I want it to be. There are a total of 10 rows and 3 of them have data in multiple columns. Value 1 is only in the row 2 for example so I will not have multiple rows with conflicting data. I just need to concatenate the rows with the same customer id, customer name and address but not finding that option in easymorph


There are at least 2 methods how to do this. See the example below:

flatten.morph (5.4 KB)
Book1.xlsx (8.8 KB)