Changing parameters on EM-server when selection other morph


I have the impression that when we select another morph file in a task on EM-server, the parameters that existed in the previous selected file remain.

Would it not be better, that when we select another file, all parameters of the newly selected file are automatically shown ?


Hi Nikolaas,

task parameters and project parameters are not the same thing. If you change a project and it has parameters that are not listed in the task, you can click the link “N parameters are not assigned” to automatically add them.

Hi Dmitry,

Yes thanks, I have seen that. But when we first select a morph file with 10 parameters en then change it to a morph file with 8 parameters (= 8 common parameters with the previous selected file), the two other parameters remain in the task if I recall it correctly.
When we then run the task, It raises an error.

Kind regards

This behavior is intended. It helps avoid situations when a project has no parameters that were expected previously.

Also, if you upgrade to the latest version, it highlights parameters that are not present in the selected project.

Ok thanks. That’s indeed a useful feature !
We will upgrade within some weeks.

Other question: Is it possible to mention on the website which version is considered “stable” or are all versions considered that way?

Can you please clarify, what does “stable” mean in this context?

I mean a version for which there are no serious bugs reported. I can see that you release multiple minor versions (after some time) when a new version comes available.
Since we have to roll out on multiple PC’s, we would like to install a “stable” version.
For other software, I can see that they do this sometimes. I don’t know if there’s a rule to decide that…

All released versions are considered “stable” in that sense that they don’t have serious bugs. Although, we always recommend using the most recent version.