Changed behaviour web request


We updated our EM server and desktop environments from to 5.4.1 about a weak ago but just noticing a different behavior in the web request action which resulted in one of our flows failing for over a week.

When upgraded this action gets a couple of new Response settings and the “Keep columns from the input dataset” gets default checked, which gives a different output then in, which result in our flow failing. Our impact was minimal and easily fixed, but just a reminder to the EM team and other teams when changing existing components is a delicate exerciser and that this should also be stated in Release notes.

Edit: We open the same file in to different versions of EM and 5.4.1. It only has influence on the “Web Request” action and not the “Iterate Web request” action

Hi Daan,

We usually strive to ensure that no breaking changes were made when updating to a newer version. If there are breaking changes, we write about them in the release notes. However, in this case, we overlooked it. My apologies for the inconvenience. The bug has been fixed in version 5.4.2 so no change in behavior happens after update.