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Me and a colleague of mine are frequently bugfixing and improving each others EasyMorph projects. We have been discussing what we've changed etc and been documenting changes on other platforms such as OneNote, and also annotating the actions that we have modified in the projects.

However, this is becoming quite complex to keep track of (many projects, and even more changes within those projects) and if there was a way to either document a changelog within the project itself, or if there's a way to store changes automatically within the EasyMorph server (such as the auto-generated documentation on tasks), that would be a blessing.

I've been searching the EasyMorph forum to see if this is already a feature but I cannot find anything about it.

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Hello Adam,

While EasyMorph doesn't have a built-in change log, it works well with popular version control systems such as git or SVN. In this case, you make annotated commits to such a system after a change.

You can also try to re-purpose the "To-do" action to leave notes in the workflow and use action/table annotations. It can work well in combination with git.

Hello Dmitry

Is it possible to compare an old file (v1.morph) with a new file (v2.morph) and get the differences automatically as a list (location) or marked?

This function exists in the CAD area! You get the lines, points, circles etc., which are different, displayed in a different color. This is very helpful when two or more people are working on a project, but the change logs are not kept as they should be.

Maybe also a suggestion for improvement!

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Maby a repurposing of the find actions window could be an option?
While this function track changes since opening the file, could that data be saved to the file with a timestamp, information about what user that made the change (and possible annotation), a changelog for a project would be created?

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