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Change format visualization through action

I’m trying to load a excel file and there are two Date columns that i converted to date but i must manually change the visualization format. is it possible change to an existing format using actions instead do it manually?

Hello @rrodrigues,

Once manually changed the first time, when you save the project and open it again, doesn’t it remember the visualization settings that you entered?



@roberto @rrodrigues

I think I know the answer. 1) If you have never specified a data format before, EasyMorph will return a date in numerical format 2) if you format as a date string, save, exit and reopen the project it will keep the date format for that one column and 3) because you formatted a column as a date, it will apply the default date format dd-MM-yyyy to all future date columns.

Addition: Formats do not appear to cross derived tables. A formatted date in the parent table is displayed as a numerical value in the derived tale.

@dgudkov Is this correct?

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