Change easymorph server space public folder


Currently in my organization we have many users with easymorph desktop and we share a server with easymorph server so we can test our memory demanding projects. Since we share this server among many users, we would like to be able to modify our easymorph space folder from our desktops, without accesing the server.

Currently, in the server our spaces public folder is located ina local folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Morphs.

I would like to change this folder to antoher location in the server which isn´t local, in order to make it accesible by everybody without accesing the server. I have already mapped an AWS S3 location in my server as a drive in my server (called E:\ ).
How can I change the Easymorph server public folder to a folder inside my E:\ drive?


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Hello Sebastian,

EasyMorph Server can have multiple spaces. Each space can have its own public folder. There is no single public folder for the entire Server.

You can change the public folder of a space in the space settings. Having a space’s public folder on a mapped drive is OK and should work without problems.

I am trying to change the location of the public folder in one of the spaces, but I can only choose a location inside the local C: drive, while the folder i want to choose is outside C:\

If you mapped the E: drive under your Windows user account it may still not be accessible to EasyMorph Server because it runs under a different Windows account.

If the E: drive has been mapped in EasyMorph Server, then it should be available in the location picker. If not, go to the “Mapping” tab of EasyMorph Server and map the drive.

If you’re using v4.5 or above, the “Mapping” tab is located in space settings.

Consult the “Administrator’s Guide” that comes with Server installer about mapping network drives in EasyMorph Server.

Thanks for your answer Dmitry!

I mapped the E: drive to the server using an app called expandrive.
I will try mapping it in easymorph server, but I have read that S3 buckets in amazon dont´t have UNC Paths (which are needed by easymorph server to map external units).

If there is no UNC path then EasyMorph Server may not be able to mapping through the UI. Instead, use the onstart.bat batch file to launch expandrive from the command line when the Server starts. Read the Server Admin Guide for more details about onstart.bat.

Hi Dmitry,

Now i am trying with a sharepoint, but i don´t know how to find the UNC Path to this Sharepoint.
Have you had any experience mapping a sharepoint location?

Hi Sebastian,

I personally didn’t do it, but I know that it’s surely possible to map SharePoint folders as network folders. Some of our customers did it. But I don’t know technical details. I would suggest researching SharePoint documentation on this.