Catalog links : not redirecting properly


I don’t really know if it’s an issue. For example you have a link to a catalog item which is XXX/space/catalog/catalog?d=Requêtes%20paramétrées%5CPilotage%20des%20activités

If you follow the link, first easymorph server requires you to login (authentication) through the login page. But when you login it does not redirect you to the link, it redirects you to the default page. So you have to click a second time on the link so that it redirects you to the catalog item. And after you are logged in then the redirection is OK.

In conclusion, users have to click twice to make it work which is a bit painful. It would be better that after login it redirects to the target link.

Thanks !

Looks like a bug on our end. We will fix it.

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