Can't delete files

I notice that Easymorph server version has difficulties when trying to delete files (which do where succesfully read in, in the previous step of the program)

I double checked the security details of the easymorph worker account and it for sure has write access to all folders.
Needless to say that the logged file location from the attachment does exist on the EasyMorph server and that the file is reachable from the easymorph server account

Hi @FilipHeyvaert

You write that you have checked that the EasyMorph server account has access to the specified folder. But it doesn’t matter if the space uses a worker other than Default.

Please check that the

  1. The Worker specified in the space settings is using the correct Windows Account.
  2. Specified Windows Account has permission to delete files in the folder “D:\Easy Morph Server\Project Folders\Verwarmingsdatabank - T&I\Source_data”
  3. The following files are set to the correct owner, or the selected Windows Account has permission to delete files in the specified folder or delete the following files:
"D:\Easy Morph Server\Project Folders\Verwarmingsdatabank - T&I\Source_data\Adreskoppelingen_20211119.txt"
"D:\EasyMorph_Server\Project_Folders\Verwarmingsdatabank - T&I\Source_data\Address_20211119.txt"
"D:\EasyMorph_Server\Project_Folders\Verwarmingsdatabank - T&I\Source_data\Gebouweenheid_20211119.txt"


I solved it! While double checking the security settings, I noticed that my work account had only read access rights.

When giving it write rights, I notice that easymorph server was able to delete files.

Thanks for your support, I consider this case being closed.

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