Cannot insert NULL into column error

I’m trying to insert data into a couple columns in 2 different tables in my database and receiving the same error:

Cannot insert the value NULL into column ‘question_id’, table ‘my table name’; column does not allow nulls.

Problem is, I’ve verified by exporting a text file that there are no null values in ANY columns in the table to be uploaded to the database.

The database in a hosted SQL Server on Azure in case that helps.

Any thought on what’s going on?

I seem to have found the issue. The column is formatted as text. It contained values like Q1, Q76, Q291 and so forth and when stripping out the Q from the column it remained as text so converting it to a number seems like it will do the trick.

My bad! Ha!

That sounds correct. If the type of value in EasyMorph doesn’t match the database field type it’s exported as null.