Cannot get value of column. Dataset is not calculated


I'm trying to import data from Search console mapping the dates from the first value of two columns (start & end).

I have both columns with both dates (they are also formatted as date).

But when I try to run the Google Search Console action, I got this error.

Error: Cannot get value of column [Fin]. Dataset is not calculated.
Source: action "Import from Google Search Console", table "Search Console"

It is a bug or I'm doing something wrong?



Looks like a bug. What EasyMorph version are you using?


The bug has been fixed. You can download the updated version from our website.

Thanks for the quick fix Dmitry! now it works perfectly :slight_smile:

Just a small question. Do you think this bug is also present on the server? I've tested it at it doesn't seem to be working.


Yes, it was present on the Server too. The Server has also been updated - you need to install the most recent version.

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