Can EasyMorph export data to Synapse Analytics (fka Azure Data Warehouse)


I was trying to use Easymorph to pull data from a sql server table, then export it to our data warehouse (Synapse Analytics). We set our data connection for the Synapse analytics as a microsoft sql server type using sql server authentication. The connection works when testing it. When trying to write to the table with that connection, I am seeing the error:

Error: Export of batch with rows #1-10 failed with the following error: Parse error at line: 1, column: 67: Incorrect syntax near ','.
Source: action "Export to database", module "Main", table "Compass Data"

I used the actions(s): Bulk Export to database, and Export to Database

Is there a different connection or something in the settings that I need to use in order to get this to work?

Hi @EasyMorphNewbie,

It seems that the SQL Server's SQL dialect is not fully compatible with Synapse Analytics.

Is it possible for you to share the data that you are trying to export with us? If so - please send the data to our support email.

Also, please try to run the "Export to database" action with Batch size: 1.