Call / Iterate passing parameters as list of values

I think currently it’s not possible to pass a list from one project to another. The value you try to pass is converted automatically as a string “A,B,C” and it’s not recognized by the called project which is also using a list.

The feature would consist in making this possible.

That seems more like a bug to me. It should be possible to pass a parameter with list of values from one projec to another. We’ll check it out.

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Do you still experience this problem? We checked it several times and everything works as expected.

It’s still not working in 4.6.2 : see in attachment, Module1 is calling Main module with a list of values parameterMultipleChoiceParameters.morph (2.7 KB)

Error: Attempt to assign parameter Parameter with an illegal value “A,B,C”.
Source: action “Call another module/project”, module “Module 1”, table “Table 1”

This behavior is correct. The list of acceptable values in the called module contains only one value - “A”. However, the calling module passes a parameter with 3 values - “A”, “B”, and “C” of which “B” and “C” can’t be assigned to the parameter in the called module because it only allows “A”.

If you uncheck “B” and “C” and keep only “A” the project will work. Also, if you add “B” and “C” to the list of acceptable values, the project will also work.

Oh ok I did not expect this behaviour. Now I understand, thanks.

I thought that initial parameter was passed without any constraint, as it is, meaning that if A,B,C is passed, whatever is checked in called projet, A,B,C would be passed. It seems more logic to me but I understand now that checked values are adding constraint to input values.