Calculation If then else


I want to do a calculation like this and I didn’t find a solution.

if ( [TypeFileOPE_lin]=1 and [Quantite_lin]>0 , “/C” , if ( [TypeFileOPE_lin]=1 and [Quantite_lin]<0 , “/D” , “” ) )

This is If , else if , else.

Thanks a lot

Hello @AlexandreV,

The formula looks correct to me. With one exception - there should be no whitespace characters between if keywords and opening parentheses because if is a function in EasyMorph.

This is the space in the formula. :innocent:
Thank you

Hi @AlexandreV,

check out also the “Rule” action described here:

This action’s purpose is to simplify nested IF/THEN/ELSE calculations.