Calculating Distance

Hi Team -
I’ve done this process in Excel (PowerQuery) and PowerBI.

I was trying to replicate this so I can run a distance check for sales people to clients via easy morph and I’m having a tough time finding a work around as I’m not seeing similar functions

Hi Adam,

we’ve added a few trigonometric functions to EasyMorph. Now distance calculation shouldn’t be a problem. Get the updated version on our download page:

See below an example of distance calculation between two points specified by latitude and longitude. Note that the result is in kilometers. Change the Earth radius to 3963 miles in step 3 in order to obtain the result in miles.

distance.morph (4.1 KB)

Nice - Thanks @dgudkov. This just made my week!

You’re welcome!


BTW, what do you use to automatically resolve addresses to coordinates?

@dgudkov - Luckily, we do everything at a zip code level within the USA. So it is quite a bit easier than address level.

we purchase the demographics and information from

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