Calculate column differently based on another column value

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lets say I will have to calculate a column differently based on the value of another column.
Would this be possible?

Lets say I have a table like this

country | bank_code
GB | ABBY090222
GB | BARC203253
GB | ANTS090021
DE | 70150000
DE | 12030000
DE | 70011110

Where country = GB bank_code should be calculated as right([bank_code],6).
(It might be possible that there are more countries [at the moment up to 35 countries of a total of 99 countries may need special calculations] besides GB that need special and different calculations per country.)
All not specified countries keep their original value.
In this example: Where country = DE / bank_code = bank_code.

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Hello Patrick,

the “Rule” action is intended exactly for that! You can create multiple IF/THEN conditions with that action.

See the example below:

rule.morph (2.4 KB)

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