Bulk import multiple files into separate tables

I may be missing something, but is there a way to bulk import CSV files so that a separate table is created for each one?

I have dozes to import per client and I can’t find a way of doing it?

There is no option to create multiple tables in a workflow at once. Dealing with multiple tables usually boils dow to two scenarios:

  1. Multiple uniform tables, i.e. all tables have the same or mostly the same set of columns. In this case, use the “Load multiple files” or “Load list of files” modes in the import action (see Advanced topics in this tutorial chapter). All files will be loaded into one table. A column with the source file name can be added to distinguish rows coming from different files.

  2. Similar sets of files, i.e. data schema consists of multiple table, and there multiple sets of files where each set has the same data schema. In this case, create a module to load one set of files and process it. Use iterations to process all sets one by one.

I have a whole load of reports that are not consistent in the number and names of columns, even when the data is actually the same, e.g. “First Name”, “first_name” and “firstname”, even though it’s all coming from the same provider.

But I need them all loaded separately before I process and use lookups etc. to check for any issues with the data and then pull data from many of the sources to create master files.

It’s painful for me at the moment but once I have it all set up it will be the same thing month on month.

I just wanted to check I wasn’t missing anything!