BUG? Parameters window hidden

I may be asking an embarrassing question here with an easy answer, but here goes!

When trying to edit parameters in EasyMorph (v4.0.1.4), the window seems to appear in an unreachable location effectively locking the whole application out. Neither my developer colleague (who’s far more proficient with the application than me) nor I can find a solution to this.

Given the other questions on the community site regarding actions using parameters it would appear others don’t have the same issue. Hoping there’s an easy solution.

It could be that you had a two-monitor setup and then switched to 1 monitor, but the window position is remembered on the now missing monitor.

You can try to find the Parameter Editor window in Windows Window Manager and maximize it (this will bring it to the current monitor).

Alternatively, you can delete the application configuration file:

  1. Close Desktop application (and Launcher).
  2. Delete EasyMorph.config.xml in C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\EasyMorph
  3. Restart application.

Deleting a config file will cause to reset configuration including window positions. Note that you may need to reconfigure the application again - install license key, etc.

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Deleting the config file seems to have done the trick so far! Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome!

In version 4.7 we’ve added the application settings dialog in menu About. It has a button to reset window positions so it’s no longer necessary to delete the config file. Just reset dialog positions in the application settings by pressing the button.

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