Bug in Server Journal - Running workflow disappears, doesn't move to "finished workflows"


I’ve noticed that today in the Server Journal, when a running workflow finishes, I no longer see it in the “Finished workflows”:

I have the “Hide workflow runs initiated by system events or other people” option deactivated.

This morning I temporarily disabled password protection from the Space where I am launching the tasks and then put password protection once again. Could this have had an effect on this? When you remove the password protection and then add it again, the Webhook URL for the tasks in that space is the same?

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The list of finished workflows doesn't update automatically. Press the Refresh link to update it.

Yes, the same.

Hello @dgudkov,

Yes, I already pressed “Refresh”, and I don’t see them.



Hello again,

I see a failed task in the main “Tasks” tab (that doesn’t appear in the journal):

However, when I click on “See errors” I get this message:



Thank you for reporting the problem. We’re investigating it.

@roberto, we’ve updated EasyMorph Server to fix the bug. Can you please install the new version from our website: Download ETL Server | EasyMorph

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