Bug detected? "Send Emails"

Hi all,

the function “Send Email” randomly throws an error.

Error: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: <. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.
Source: action “Send email”, module “Alertas”, table “ALERTA CLIENTES”

It only happens when “HTML” is selected. It happened on several occasions, with different conectors and instances. Does anyone else have that issue?


Quick update. The issue only appears with the gmail connector. It is independent to HTML or Text format. Rennovate the authentication does not fix the issue. Switching to another email (O365) mitigates the problem.

We are currently working on the solution to this issue.

The problem is being caused by the Google API Servers that have been displaying 500x error pages instead of valid JSON response.

The fix we are implementing will not resolve the issue with Gmail directly, but it will make the error message more appropriate.

I’ll clarify a bit - Google’s API for Gmail is currently experiencing intermittent outages. We’re updating EasyMorph to display a more informative error message in such cases.