BUG? - Commandline 5.7 gives error "created in a newer version"

I downloaded and installed the new version of easymorph. Version
I Also installed command line worker 5.7.

Now my new projects give this error:

When I open the project in notepad, I do see

It also works in easymorph, only not in commandline.
Is this a bug in the command line worker?

That's correct. In the release notes for v5.7.2 there was a remark about version compatibility, but I guess it's easy to overlook:

Projects saved in the new version can't be opened in versions earlier than 5.7.2.

CLW v5.7.2 was missing, but I've just added it to the downloads page. That should resolve the problem.

Thx, but this version won't start:

Can you take a look?

Looking into that....

Thx hope you have a quick fix otherwise I have to rollback versions.

Fixed. Please install the updated version from our website.

Thanks works again!

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