BUG calculated parameter in shp action?


I have the following scenario:

  • I create a calculated parameter that returns a file path for an excel export file. The file name contains a timestamp

  • The file is then upload to sharepoint also using the parameter to locate the file. When executing the shp action, it seems that the parameter is recalculated resulting in a different value for the filename and the shp action cannot find the exported file.

EasyMorph version


Hi @reynsnivea,

It's not a bug. It's by design. Parameter values are recalculated before each execution session. So, if you run actions manually one by one, the parameters that have functions like now or random will have different values for each action. On the other hand, if you run several actions at once or run the whole project, every action will be executed with the same parameter values.

ok thanks for the explanation.