Browse from within EasyMorph Server to SharePoint


I have not yet worked with the file browser. Currently I do not have enough time to keep up with all new features in EasyMorph...

We have a lot of tasks in which we would like to give the option to the user to run the task with a specific file on sharepoint. Now, we can only do this with a text parameter I guess and the user should paste a long file path in the parameter.
It would be nice if a user could browse from within EasyMorph server to sharepoint when clicking on the file parameter and choose the file to be used.

Maybe this is possible with the file browser ?

Maybe it could be achieved by linking a connector to a file parameter in the parameter window e.g. het sharepoint connector linked to a file parameter.

Any thoughts about this ?

It would be nice indeed! In fact, we've already been thinking about it and put on our roadmap two more parameter types:

  • Remote file
  • Remote folder

They will be very much like the regular "File path" and "Folder path" parameters, except a connector name will be specified in the parameter settings.

These new parameter types will work not only on EasyMorph Server, but also on EasyMorph Desktop as well.

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