Boards : table source not visible


I’m using the 5.7.2 server and am trying to add a table inside a board based on a .dset in the server, inside a workspace.

The dataset is uploaded and visible but when I try to define a table and click on select to show available.dset on server, nothing appears, it’s blank.


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Hi Romain,

Are you talking about clicking the "Browse" button as in the screenshot below?

Exactly. Note that our workspace is configured uppon a Z: drive corresponding to the root of our nas.

The feature may not consider this type of config very well ? What I can say is that the file interface shows correctly our dataset.

Got it. We're looking into that.

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I would like to clarify what you mean by "nothing appears, it’s blank"

Does this mean you see no files and no folders in the root directory at all, or are only the files in the root directory missing while files still appear if they are present in the subfolders?