Best practice to time stamp

So everyday my coordinators fulfill a google spreadsheet with some tasks and then write in Column F “Done”.

Now I want to put a timestamp when the “Done” is achieved, for this I would put a column writing today() if Done is written then ifempty no today() would be applied, I want to run this report everyday, so the days different is fine to me.

Is there any way of “hard” writing the timestamp. Or as workaround I should make a export everyday to a CSV/TXT and then make a merge of all these daily files?

Thank you very much.


Creating daily snapshots (as CSV or TXT files) can be a solution, but there can be a problem with consolidating them if tasks don’t have permanent IDs (which is probably the case). Permanent IDs are required to identify the same task in different snapshots.

Task descriptions can potentially serve as IDs but it’s not a good idea because even slightest editing (e.g. fixing a typo) would lead to wrong consolidation because in older snapshots the description is not edited, but is edited in newer ones.

Tasks can be enumerated in each snapshot in order to create IDs for them, but if for some reason an existing task is removed from the spreadsheet then this would break consolidation as well.

I believe, the simplest and most reliable solution would be to rename Column F into “Completed date” and tell your coordinators to put actual date into that column instead of “Done”. In your EasyMorph project, you can add a verification rule to ensure that entered dates have correct format.