Best practice for Import & processing XML File

Is there a good example for processing data from XML files?

I’m a little lost right now which actions would be the best to clean the data.
After adding the XML there are a lot of empty cells/columns because of the transformation from
hierachical to flat data structure.

For example:

For all existing items the Debtor related columns are empty.
Is there a way to copy data from debtor rows to fill the rows holding Item information (deeper nodes) ?

Thanks for help,

A few ideas:

The “Fill down” action fills out gaps in the same column. E.g. fill Item rows with the Debtor information.

The “Remove empty columns” action removes columns with no data. However, for deterministic behavior it’s just better to uncheck empty columns in the “Import from XML” action.

The “Modify column” action can bring in values from another columns, e.g.:

[Column B] = if(not isempty([Column A]), [Column A], [Columm B])