AWS EC2 instance question

Kicking around the idea of putting a copy of EM Desktop up on EC2 and using RDP to access the program. Does anyone have any suggestions and best practices around which EC2 instance to use? Our use of the program is fairly simple/limited and does not process tens of millions of rows, more like thousands at any given time and so it would seem that unlike other users we’d not need huge amounts of memory to run our jobs. Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

It’s not unusual to use an EC2 instance for EasyMorph. Many people do that. Make sure the instance has a 64-bit Windows and enough RAM for your tasks (you can measure memory consumption in the Windows Task Manager). Can’t think of any other suggestions.

This is great, thank you for the reply. I will pay attention to how much memory EM uses as we run some of our more complicated ETLs and use that as a baseline. Thanks, again, and keep up the great work!