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Autonumber (as in Qlikview)


Hi All

Does this functionality exist in EasyMorph - i.e. ability to transform values in a column, and across tables, such that all identical values will be given the same autonumber; and different values will have different numbers.

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Hi Rob,

an equivalent to autonumberhash() in QlikView would the hash() function in EasyMorph.

There is no direct equivalent to autonumber() though. However, you can always collect enumerated unique values in a separate table using “Append” (if you need enumerated values from different tables), then “Deduplicate”, and “Enumerate”. Then use the “Lookup” action to replace different values with numbers.

Look also at the “Normalization” example the comes pre-installed with EasyMorph. It’s available on the application’s start screeen.


hash function?

dont see that


Here you go!



Thanks, got it.

So creating a sequential index and then “lookup-ing” to other relevant tables is the same as the Qlikview Autonumber.