Automation challenge (File Copy)

Thank you in advance,

Basically what I am going to do is file copy and aggregation (hourly from 15 mins data),
Each 15 min files are saved in a folder named yyyyMMdd format.
At every hour, the easymorph takes four files -> HH15, HH30, HH45 and HH00 files
The complete set for hourly aggregation consists of -xx15 min, -xx30 min, -xx45 min, -xx00 min
From xx15 to xx45 files is a hour before, and xx00 file is derived form current hour. (see the below)

When tried to take them from the same date folder, there is no problem.
but when date changes to the next day, I got no idea how to automate it.

Can Easymorph do it? Help me out please.

Configuration Example>

20200107-2215.tar --> (0 to 15 min)
20200107-2230.tar --> (15 to 30 min)
20200107-2245.tar --> (30 to 45 min)
20200107-2300.tar --> (45 to 00 min)
// hour 22, 1 hour aggregation above (it’s OK)

20200107-2315.tar --> (0 to 15 min)
20200107-2330.tar --> (15 to 30 min)
20200107-2345.tar --> (30 to 45 min)

c:\20200108\ -> folder name changes
20200108-0000.tar --> (45 to 00 min)

I want to copy the last four files to the following folder for hour 23 aggregation.
How to automate them?


Thank you

I would deduct 1 minute from each time stamp. The smallest minute stamp is 15 so that shouldn’t be a problem. This would bring them into the same hour, same date.

To deduct 1 minute you can use the addhour() function, assuming that 1 minute is a 1/60th of an hour.

See example below:

file-timestamps.morph (3.0 KB)