Automatically visualize Google Sheets

Hey Easymorph Community,

I’m running a automation for a Dealership that shows what units on their site doesn’t have photos.

It runs daily and dumps the data into a new google sheet that is created each day.

I know when you update the data the visualizations stay, but there a way someone’s been automatically stylizing new sheets automatically?

Just don’t want it to be so boring for them and easier if I break things up by color.


Hi Jordan and welcome to the Community!

In a typical scenario, EasyMorph updates unformatted (raw) data sheets in a spreadsheet, and the formatted sheets (with or without charts and pivot tables) reference data from the unformatted sheets.

Another option would be to run an Excel macro using the ‘Excel command’ action to add formatting to sheets. But that may not work on EasyMorph Server as VBA automations are not well suited for execution from Windows services.

Thanks, I figured but thought I’d at least check!