Automatic mails when licenses expire


Is it possible to send automatic mails to your customers when EasyMorph licenses are approaching their expiration date ?

This would be very helpful for us.

Thanks !

We already do this. An email is sent about 2 weeks before a license is expired. Your license expires in a few months. Why did you expect a notification and didn’t receive it?

Hi Dmitry,

I don’t get these emails, nor do I receive emails about new software versions (newsletter).
Is it possible to check if my email address is in your register.
Could you send me a test email ?

Thanks !

Oh, I see. In your case, the notification goes to the Belgian partner through which you purchase licenses, not to you directly. The partner should notify you.

Also, there is a visual notification about license expiring in 2 weeks or sooner on the Start screen of EasyMorph Desktop. It’s eye-catching and should be hard to miss.

As for new versions, we don’t have an email notification for this. Instead, EasyMorph Desktop automatically notifies when a new version is available. Make sure the update notification is enabled in the menu “About”.