Automate Task Creation

Is there a way to automate Task Creation?
We have a series of database pulls that have different sources/destinations, but have the exact same columns. So we have a script that we can run that pulls from a templated morph file to create the new proper morph file. But I am not seeing a way to automate task creation.

On bulk I can create 1, capture the POST via dev tools in the browser and pump that into a loop replacing the token part of the filename, but it looks like the x-easymorph-auth header is partially generated based on time and not a hash of some sort for the space.

Task creation can’t be automated at this point. Here are a few ideas on how to deal with your situation:

All actions that use a connector can accept a parameter instead of a hardcoded connector name. Therefore you can create connectors for all your source destination systems, but instead of using a hardcoded connector name in a workflow, specify them using a parameter. In this case, you can run the same task with the same project but with different parameter values to specify different sources/destinations.

Alternatively, if you have a script that can create a proper morph file, have a master project that runs the script using the “Run program” action, and then execute the generated morph file using the “Call” action in the “Run project” mode instead of the default “Run module” mode. In this case, the project to run will be created dynamically on the fly, but the task will remain the same and will simply execute the master project.


You can create module called by task with parameter to choice connection.
With this parameter, you can select connector’s name.
This name can be send to others module in parameters and use this parameter to replace fixed connector’s name.


We also work like Dmitry suggested. We use parameters for our database connectors.
On EM-server, we overwrite these param values with the correct connector name.

I support your remark that it should be possible to create tasks on EM-server via a config file or via command line to move from dev > test > prod more easily.
I have asked this question in the past and if I am not mistaken, Dmitry was investigating how this could be implemented in EasyMorph but this required a major change to EM-server.

@dgudkov : Is there more news on this ?


No more news on this. We’re 100% busy with building v5 and will have time to implement some feature suggestions after we release v5 (hopefully in July this year).