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Is it possible in the desktop versions to configure the autodocumentation ?

For example, say that I want to configure that autodocumentation in HTML is generated after an ETL process has run. Is this possible or do we have to push the generate button manually ?
Can we also have a unique URL to the HTML after each iteration of the ETL-process or is this only available in the server edition?

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Autodocumentation can be generated from the command line:

morph.exe /c /document myproject.morph

See more details in the web-help: Command line options.

The desktop version doesn’t have a built-in web-server. Only the server edition does. Auto-documentation on the Server has a permanent URL for each task/project. This URL can be used from external applications.


I have tried your solution but I think I am doing something wronge.

When I open my MS DOS command prompt and I navigate to the directory where my project is located and then execute the command:

morph.exe /c /document myproject.morph

it does not work. The command prompt says that morph.exe is not recognised as a program

What am I doing wrong?


It is because morph.exe is not found in the directory where the project is located.

You need to either add the path to morph.exe to the system PATH variable, or use the full path to morph.exe while in the project directory, e.g.

"C:\Users\reynsnivea\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\morph.exe" /c /document myproject.morph


Thanks !