Authorization API call with Easymorph server

I made an Easymorph process to carry out a GET request to the API of Directus. Within the connector I provide a token for the authentication. When the process is started within the local desktop version I receive a valid respons (200) and the right information. When I log in to the Easymorph server and manually start the process I also receive a valid respons (200) and the same information. The problem occurse when I try to start the Easymorph process through the web browser. The response is a 401 error with the next body:

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Invalid user credentials.”,“extensions”:{“code”:“INVALID_CREDENTIALS”}}]}

We run another Easymorph proces which also preforms a GET request to the same API but when I copy this proces and paste it into a new Easymorph file the same error occurse. Do you have any idea what the cause of this problem is?

Most probably, the connector for the web request that is used on the Server is not configured properly (wrong or missing API key).

It is usually a good idea to use the Server to provide connectors for projects that run on Desktop and Server. In this case, no matter if you run a project on Desktop or on Server, it will work with exactly the same set of connectors.

See “Server-hosted repositories” in this tutorial article: EasyMorph | Server Link