Audit logging in easyMorph

For audit puroposes, an audit log becomes important. Is this feature already on the roadmap of EasyMorph or is it already used in the server somewhere ? Or can we use other tools that can audit EasyMorph automatically?

Can you please elaborate on what you mean by “audit”?


Hi Dmitry,

I am not a specialist on that but it’s more like tracing all the activities of users in a program (it logs all actions performed by the users, with details about user id, timestamp, IP address, authentication method, …).

More info can be found on

I believe that this info can also be obtained from the server logs ? But if a user changes some transformations in morph-files, I believe it is not traced at this moment?

Kind reagrds !

Server logs contains events such as task start, task finish, errors, uploading/downloading files, server start/stop.

Editing transformations is not tracked. However, if you use git or some other version-control system (as it was discussed in another thread), the changes can be tracked by it.